Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Photo-A-Day Challenge 2

It seems to take quite a bit of organising to take a photo-a-day.  It appears to be such an easy task, but I am now always looking for something to photograph.  Here are the next few photographs I have uploaded to 365Project.

25 February - My Favourite View

26 February - Shadows

27 February - Prickly Birthday Present

28 February - OCA Course Work Has Arrived

29 February - This is the View On My Way To Work, I think I could take a photograph every day and it would always be different, the scenery is stunning in this part of the world.

01 March - Back to Weight Watchers.  I decided not to make the usual new year resolution of lose weight, get fit, but did decide to try and live by the reduce: reuse: recycle mantra.  So really I could use the reduce part and apply it to myself!  Have decided to add it to my blog in a hope that if someone else is reading it I might apply myself more and stick to the diet.  Here's hoping anyway.

02 March - First Page In My Sketchbook - finally made a start on my OCA Textiles Degree, I will be blogging about this on a separate blog - more details later.

03 March - Indie - the wonder cat! :)

04 March - Honesty Seed Heads - so delicate in the evening sunlight.

05 March - Calendar Journal - this is another challenge that I am taking part in.  Will blog about this later as well.

06 March - Beautiful Rusty Horseshoes hanging on a rusty nail.  I find these old shoes when I am digging in the garden.  I love the rusty colours and textures.

Just a little glimpse of my life.  I am loving this photo-a-day challenge, just hope that I can keep it up.

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