Sunday, 13 November 2011

Being Creative - October

So here we are already well into November, the year has passed so quickly!

I found the "Fire" theme for October quite difficult to interpret, but the thing that had popped into my head straight away was the lyrics from the Adele song Rolling in the Deep .... "There's a fire starting in my heart".  So at first my idea was to make a heart in beautiful red silk.  However, one of the ladies I go to night-school with, organised a course for us to go on.  We went to The Museum of Sculpture in Berriew and made fabulous glass mosaics with Jessica Callan, who is working on a local art project called the Big Buzz.   She had been into school and worked with KS3 pupils to create the most fantastic mosaics that will go on display in the canteen.We spent nearly 3 hours making our mosaics, and I really loved it.  I think it was the liberal sprinkling of glitter that I enjoyed the most.

Jessica had already cut out wooden shapes for us to work on - I chose a heart.  We drew around this onto a piece of newspaper and then chooses pieces of coloured and patterned glass and beads and sparkly bits and bobs to decorate our chosen shapes.  The base was then covered with epoxy resin and the glass and beads transferred to our shapes.  When these pieces are pressed down the resin plumps up between the shapes.  I then added beads and sparkly bits and then it was time to give it all a VERY LIBERAL sprinkling of glitter.  Then its was a very painstaking process of cleaning off all the little pieces with a small cloth dipped in water.

And finally it was time to take our works of art home - very carefully - unless everything was going to get covered in glitter!  So here is my piece for the October theme of Fire - Set Fire To My Heart.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Being Creative-September

The theme last month - for the Being Creative challenge on Julia Crossland's blog - was Autumn.  So, with a bit of a change of direction,  I decided to use my garden as the basis for this months theme.

This is a photograph of my front door.  I absolutely love this Virginia Creeper in the Autumn.  The leaves turn the most brilliant colours.  Unfortunately it doesn't last very long, one windy day and most of the leaves are gone, so I just have to enjoy it whilst it lasts.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Being Creative - August

Once again ... running late!

The choice for this months prompt TRAVEL was easy for me.  I organise coach travel - holidays and day trips - for a living.  One of the vehicles we have is a 1963 Leyland Tiger Cub classic bus.

This is the fantastic badge from the front of the bus.

We sometimes use her for weddings and have lots of fun decorating her in appropriate colours.

So, with the wedding theme in mind - and remembering the Dress Up 2010 challenge that I followed last year - I decided to make a wedding dress.

I used old wallpaper to cut out the dress shapes.  Then just started layering, with gesso, acrylic paints, magazine cut-outs, stamps, more gesso, glittery embossing powder.  I inked the edges to give it a vintage feel.  Added ribbon and sequins to the neck and hem edge.  Dipped ready made flowers in tea and added them to the dress with ribbon, sequins, flowers, beads and stick on jewels.  I added lines for journalling on one dress shape, then stuck the two shapes together, catching a wire coat hanger in between.
I have left space on the back for some journalling.

I am really enjoying taking part in this challenge, I am trying to keep the things I make small - so that they actually get finished!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

All The Hard Work Paid Off!

I got this ready before my holidays, but various things went wrong and I didn't get chance to post it .. so ... better late than never ....

For the last two years I have been doing A Level Textiles at night school.  I go to a class at the local high school, organised by the Head of Art and do the rest of the work at home.

These are some images I used to inspire my work last year for my AS.

And this is some of my work.

I was VERY pleased to get an A.

This year, I did the A2.  The final exam was 15 hours, which I attended school for and worked with the other students.

These are images from this years A2 work.

This is my final piece.  It is based on our day to day memories that are like threads woven together that over time create the tapestry of our lives - these make up "The Ties That Bind" us together. -->

I got my results just before I went on holiday - A*!

I have thoroughly enjoyed doing these exams, just looking for something else to work on now.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Things That Make You Go ... AAAH!

We have owned this house since 1991 and have seen very few hedgehogs in all that time.  Until now ... we have a special friend who seems to have moved in ... so now we see her all the time ... Mrs Tiggywinkle!

And these are my cats, snuggled together in the sink! 

Its a spare sink by the way!

Saturday, 6 August 2011


My daughter and her boyfriend have recently bought their first home.  I had already made them a crochet throw for the sofa and had been requested to make another one in red/cream/purple for the bed.  I have been making these granny square blankets for well over thirty years!  I love the fact that they are loved and used -  she spends a lot of time snuggled in the sofa one. 

This is the first one I made for her.  She choose the colours - 2 brown, 2 turquoise, 2 cream and I gave it a very retro 70's feel.  I think it looks great on her sofa.  She made the rag rug herself.


This is the cover the bed - cream, taupe, mulberry, cranberry, cardinal and claret.


 Not a very good picture - but you get the idea!


A while ago I made her this picture, she has now added hooks to the bottom of the frame and it will hang by the front door and be used to hold keys.

She is creating a lovely home and I'm glad things that I've made are part of it.

Being Creative

I recently signed up for the "Being Creative" project on Julia Crossland's blog.  This is my first month and I am a bit late in posting, but here goes anyway.  I decided to do something small so that I would at least get it finished!

So here it is - I found a really small canvas in The Works - based on the theme of Summer, this piece is inspired by shells, rocks, seaweed and barnacles found on the beach in Abersoch, where we have just had a lovely holiday.

Just got to work out how to post a link on Julia's blog back to here!

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Catching Up

We have just spent a very relaxing week here.

Very vintage cottage, lots of books to browse and a stunning view over the sea.  We were very lucky and didn't have any rain until Friday.  Didn't take any photographs as my camera was mis-behaving - we have stayed here before so this is an old image.

Back to chores now.  Just spent a morning weeding.  My partner usually does the fruit and veg side of the garden but this year he has decided not to.  I was missing having freshing picked produce so decided to have a go myself.

This is the raised bed that I have weeded this morning - forgot to take a picture of the before - but very pleased with the after!

I was even able to fill a trug with a little bit of home produce ...

... Mint and Parsley ....

... Gooseberries ...

... Blackcurrants ...

... carrot thinnings and cut and come-again lettuce.

I am eagerly waiting for these blueberries to ripen.

I did of course have lots of company at the greenhouse plot - Indie -

... and this motley crew!

I'm off now to make this - A Very Easy One-Crust Pie (from Delia's Summer Collection) - with the fruit, a lovely  cous-cous salad with the herbs - which we are going to have with some houmous and a salad for our lunch.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Ta Da!!

I always seem to have quite a lot of projects on the go at once, which means I also have quite a lot of WIP that are nearing completion.  This is one I finished recently.

I made a simple slip cover for a very boring footstool using the African Flower Square.

Friday, 24 June 2011

First Post!!

I've gone and done it!! Spent enough time lurking .. decided I had better start a blog of my own.  Will post some pictures soon.