Sunday, 9 October 2011

Being Creative-September

The theme last month - for the Being Creative challenge on Julia Crossland's blog - was Autumn.  So, with a bit of a change of direction,  I decided to use my garden as the basis for this months theme.

This is a photograph of my front door.  I absolutely love this Virginia Creeper in the Autumn.  The leaves turn the most brilliant colours.  Unfortunately it doesn't last very long, one windy day and most of the leaves are gone, so I just have to enjoy it whilst it lasts.


  1. I love the differently red coulors of the "wilder Wein"! I like the trees in the mirror of the doorwindow! What a warm and cosy homecoming! Isn't autumn the most wonderful time?

  2. Gorgeous colours... we have a Virginia creeper over an arch, which we keep in check or it would take over, and watching the colours change is magical isn't it?
    Thanks for the comment about my own effort too.

  3. What amazing alive autumnal art Donna! Love the colours and the fact that it will be constantly changing...and will never look the same at two different fab!

  4. How lovely to have an Autumn display at your front door. Thank you for sharing it with us. :)