Monday, 26 September 2011

Being Creative - August

Once again ... running late!

The choice for this months prompt TRAVEL was easy for me.  I organise coach travel - holidays and day trips - for a living.  One of the vehicles we have is a 1963 Leyland Tiger Cub classic bus.

This is the fantastic badge from the front of the bus.

We sometimes use her for weddings and have lots of fun decorating her in appropriate colours.

So, with the wedding theme in mind - and remembering the Dress Up 2010 challenge that I followed last year - I decided to make a wedding dress.

I used old wallpaper to cut out the dress shapes.  Then just started layering, with gesso, acrylic paints, magazine cut-outs, stamps, more gesso, glittery embossing powder.  I inked the edges to give it a vintage feel.  Added ribbon and sequins to the neck and hem edge.  Dipped ready made flowers in tea and added them to the dress with ribbon, sequins, flowers, beads and stick on jewels.  I added lines for journalling on one dress shape, then stuck the two shapes together, catching a wire coat hanger in between.
I have left space on the back for some journalling.

I am really enjoying taking part in this challenge, I am trying to keep the things I make small - so that they actually get finished!


  1. What a great little dress! Much more fun than making one with fabric! (and no scary needle involved to prickle ones fingers!)
    I agree, keeping things small and managable is the way to get projects actually completed!
    and what an AWESOME bus too! :))

  2. Just had to look at this... I am envious of your bus. I love old buses, they have so much character don't they? Watching DVDs of All Creatures Great and Small is improved greatly by the sight of a bus!
    And love this posting for Being Creative