Sunday, 17 July 2011

Catching Up

We have just spent a very relaxing week here.

Very vintage cottage, lots of books to browse and a stunning view over the sea.  We were very lucky and didn't have any rain until Friday.  Didn't take any photographs as my camera was mis-behaving - we have stayed here before so this is an old image.

Back to chores now.  Just spent a morning weeding.  My partner usually does the fruit and veg side of the garden but this year he has decided not to.  I was missing having freshing picked produce so decided to have a go myself.

This is the raised bed that I have weeded this morning - forgot to take a picture of the before - but very pleased with the after!

I was even able to fill a trug with a little bit of home produce ...

... Mint and Parsley ....

... Gooseberries ...

... Blackcurrants ...

... carrot thinnings and cut and come-again lettuce.

I am eagerly waiting for these blueberries to ripen.

I did of course have lots of company at the greenhouse plot - Indie -

... and this motley crew!

I'm off now to make this - A Very Easy One-Crust Pie (from Delia's Summer Collection) - with the fruit, a lovely  cous-cous salad with the herbs - which we are going to have with some houmous and a salad for our lunch.

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  1. Gooseberries and black currants, two of my favourtites.