Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Photo-A-Day Challenge

I have wanted to take part in a photo-a-day challenge for a while, but always seem to miss the start and then can't get into it.  I found this challenge on chantelle's blog, so decided to start it on my birthday.  I am going to post my pictures on here and here.  so here are my images from 11 Feb to now, rather a lot of them to start with but I will post them once a week from now on . . .

11 February - My Birthday

12 February - off to Anglesey in warm, soft, stripy socks

13 February - Wales - cold, windy, wet - and fabulous!

14 February - Be My Valentine xx

15 February - Lovely new lamp from Next

16 February - w..w..web - spiders web catching the light ... and flies!

17 February - Birthday Roses - still lovely.

18 February - Indie - adventure cat

19 February - Indie - relaxing cat

20 February - lovely new yarn

21 February - Cat Sitting these two cheeky monkeys!

22 February - Work in Progress!

23 February - Mini Love Hearts

24 February - Biba - very nosey horse

So that's all up-to-date now  ... will post more about my crochet work in progress next time.


  1. Love all your photos Donna..its amazing how you start to think about what's photo-able for each day...Keep up the great challenge!
    Ali x

  2. February 13th, Trearddur Bay beach, you were half a mile away from a warm cup of tea :)